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Scenes From Inside by Dave Markey

Publisher : COMMENTARIVM, İzmir, 2023
Format : Hardcover, open back, dust jacket
Edition of 500
Dimensions : 148 × 210 mm
Pages : 236

Prefaced by Dave Markey's 50 years career as an artist in photography and film, “Scenes From Inside” consists of photos of a cult movie director (unless he is in the damn photo) relating Markey's experiences-both explosive and apparently historical-on his scene which he made it to be.

"David’s films and photos were always in praise of the moment, not unlike the physical presences of Kurt Cobain or Yamatsuka Eye on the microphone, or Pat Smear and Bill Bartell at a dinner party, or Sofia Coppola emulating Joan Crawford, or even David’s fascination with clown masks designed for mirth but eliciting horror in their absurd take on possibly expressing the perverse id we all are shocked by."

 — Thurston Moore on Dave Markey in his foreword for 'Scenes From Inside'.

"Scenes From Inside" by Dave Markey

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